Hillary Clinton is back and annoying

She’s back!! With a leather blazer and a sassy new hair-do. VOMIT.  The former Secretary of State is back after a shameful loss this past election.  I don’t know who dresses her but it’s obvious that she was trying to make a statement.  You know when you try to dress extra hot after a bad break-up to make your ex-significant other jealous? It looks like she’s trying to say “I promise, I’m over it. I’m a strong elderly biker chick now. Let me be the strong independent woman you need as a role model”.   Anyway, in this video, she’s promoting her routine divisive agenda by bringing up gender issues and racism.  She took hits at Donald Trump, as usual.  The other day, I literally asked myself “What if Hillary won?”.  Iran would’ve been nuked and we would’ve been in WW3.  Thank God for Trump!!


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