Human Interaction. Post Trump Election.

I tend to dislike a lot of people and I’m not fake so they always know it.  Is it normal to just enjoy life with your immediate family and significant other? Because so far that’s all I need. I used to get sad because after being a Trump supporter no one would like any of my stuff on Facebook.  I had people I had been best friends with, or at least I thought so for over 10 years delete me off Facebook and stop talking to me.  I was sad at first but at the same time, feel so liberated.  I don’t have to succumb to societal norms because I’ve already been outcast-ed.  I’m not going to act like I didn’t get sad, I even cried each time I lost a friend and started to realize that this change is going to be forever.  I’m mostly over it.  It’s my birthday and normally people I haven’t spoke to in years or barely spoke to would write “happy birthday” on my wall sometimes even before it was my birthday, by now I would have had at least 20 people posting on my wall.  But not anymore not one person posted.  Do I really care though? I started to not do anything I don’t feel like.  I have a lot of fake family members and I just stopped talking to them like completely cut them out of my life. I have no drama. I feel like did I really want to be this alone? I would never take this past election back, it was too important. But what I did realize is, there’s a matrix of societal norms and I didn’t really know there was any that had existed, this seems like a mixture of the election of Donald Trump, internet/social media, and self growth.


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